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Garden lighting can be one of the most important features in your garden. The right lighting will not only give a fantastic look to your garden but enable you to use it more effectively at night.  It will also turn the garden into a light feature which can be viewed from inside the house.



Every front yard needs a beautifully selected letterbox that works in with the surrounds. Whilst working on your landscaping project, JNR can help you select the materials and style of a new letterbox that will compliment your existing plans. Similarly, feature walls, cladding, brickwork and tiling can also be incorporated into your design to give your garden some unique elements that tie the space into the existing building.

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Our expert landscapers can design and install a pond or water feature to meet your requirements. We can create everything from a natural wildlife pond to a contemporary waterfall reflection pool.  Water can add a cool and calming feel to any outdoor space, and can often encourage beautiful wildlife to visit your garden.

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